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“Mark was outstanding in Jin Jing Gong (qigong), “spot on” with his therapeutic support and very present. It was a week full of amazing insight and inner development.” – Tami Roos, Melbourne

“The programme gives you amazing insight, and the facilitators were generous and extraordinary people!” – client Tanya Mackay, Melbourne, Australia

“I was blown away by the facilitators total awareness, compassion, professionalism and inclusiveness.” – client Erika Lehner, New South Wales, Australia

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Hummingbird Bhutan: Aug 26 – Sept 3 2019

A Journey into Self Reflection


Paro and the Kingdom of Bhutan (26 Aug – 3 Sept 2019)

Nestled deep in the eastern Himalayas between India and China is the Kingdom of Bhutan and its people who love nature and kinship.

Join Hummingbird Retreat on a remarkable and sacred journey into the kingdoms of Bhutan and Nepal. The natural beauty of these Himalayan kingdoms, embracing living monasteries and temples centuries old, continues to witness the spiritual practice of holy people for many generations.

Climbing a forest track to the Tigers Nest Monastery, we will have a special blessing ceremony, given by the monks. We will take an audience with a Trulku Lama (reincarnated with a full memory of past life). These (and more) are special arrangements made for us for our experience in this great land. We will also visit other special places, such as Drakharpo Monastery, built on a mountain dotted with underground caves and its main temple room precariously perched on the edge of a rocky cliff.

Take a gentle down-hill cycle through the crisp air, amongst blue pine and rhododendron forests and breathtaking mountain views. Long-tailed birds glide across the forest road in front of us as prayer-wheels tumble under waterfalls. The road opens up at the bottom of the valley, revealing jade green rice paddies. We load our bikes aboard our transport vehicle and take a well earned massage and hot rock bath back at our hotel.

Nestled into the mountains at 4,000 metres sits the Chele La Monastery. We will visit the young girls training to be nuns and listen to their chanting of Sanskrit mantras. To get there we will pass through forests of wild flowers and see some of the most beautiful scenery in Bhutan.

The beautiful Ziwa Ling Hotel, built in traditional Bhutanese style without a single nail, will be our base in Bhutan. Starting each day with a meditation and qigong stretching, our vitality is further lifted with delicious, healthy meals. Six wonderful days with so much insight to gain. Be absorbed in the rhythm of life and know the happiness of Bhutanese people.

Peace in the Paro Valley, Bhutan.




August 26 – September 7 2018

Price Per Person
(Excluding International flights to and from Bhutan)

Single Accommodation: AU$6,950
Share Accommodation: AU$6,350


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Bookings & Enquiries:
Email Us: Mark Phillips
Ph: 02 9328 0501 Mobile: 0402 159 913



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More Retreat Testimonials:

“It was the most exhilarating experience of my life and I truly enjoyed the journey to connecting with myself.” – client Gwen Toh, USA

“A profound deep opportunity to go within and let go of what has stopped me in the past, to learn what it really means to go inside and find my truth.” – Yolande Hobby, Mornington, Australia

“Enriching, nourishing, challenging!” – Loren Shuster, Singapore

“A chance to slow down the “busi-ness” and to connect with what really matters” – Roma Gaster, Australia

“Breakthrough! Best program I have ever been on and most meaningful.” – Declan Macfadden, Singapore

“It was truly magical, I am going home totally rejuvenated and a lot more relaxed ” – Anne Macfadden, Singapore

“It was all so effective and well-balanced. A life-changing experience with a perfect balance between work and play that provided for healing and to open my heart to life. Apologies, I don’t have any feedback on how you could improve!” – Gabriella La Rosa, Sydney



The Legacy Retreats

Emotional healing, intellectual mindfulness and spiritual awareness.

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Legacy Retreat, an extraordinary journey of healing and reflection.

Legacy is based on our unique, powerful and nurturing programme of emotional healing, intellectual mindfulness and spiritual awareness.

Daily workshops are conducted with exquisite insight and wisdom by our co-heads of Integrated Therapy, Jutka Freiman and Volker Krohn, who have decades of experience advising thousands of clients worldwide and are considered master practitioners in the fields of psychotherapy, meditation and coaching.

Our therapists will also be available throughout the Retreat for individual or couples sessions to discuss particular issues with complete privacy.

The therapy workshops are complemented and integrated on a body level through a custom-tailored series of Ayurvedic and Oriental Medicine-based treatments and daily Qi Gong practice with our leading expert Mark Phillips to achieve detoxification, balance and a profound sense of well being.

At Legacy, we believe that a meaningful spiritual journey does not necessarily need to be an ascetic or spartan experience.

We cater for our sophisticated, cosmopolitan clientele who lead busy lives and crave a nurturing and comforting haven away from the noise. Which is why we hand pick our retreat locations for their gorgeous surroundings, absolute serenity and well-appointed luxurious rooms, and we also make sure that our clients are well-fed with nutritious gourmet meals based on organic and seasonal produce.

It is my wish for every one of our clients to leave Legacy Retreat feeling truly alive and inspired to continue their journey of self-discovery. I believe the most valuable investment you can make is in your own living legacy – a meaningful life for yourself, your loved ones and the world.


Download our full experience brochure

Website: http://www.thelegacyretreat.com


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31 OCTOBER – 4 NOVEMBER 2014 (4 nights)
Review the brochure (PDF)



Review the brochure (PDF)