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Mark Phillips has directed extensive research, attained post-graduate awards and devoted 35 years of training to become a global leader in the field of Acupuncture.”

Drawing on his extensive training, Mark offers a unique approach that combines classical acupuncture practice along with techniques from India, USA, China and Japan. This approach aims to recover the equilibrium between the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person.

Mark uses pulse diagnosis, along with other diagnostic skills, to determine the cause of any health imbalance. The many systems of therapeutic intervention available through Chinese and other Traditional Medicines (TM) are used to determine the appropriate treatment to suit your personal diagnosis.


What Mark’s clients are saying:

“I first met Mark Phillips 10 years ago, thanks to a recommendation from a friend, who shared an extraordinary story…she had been suffering from severe depression, and one day was so disabled by her condition that she collapsed in the street. Two strangers came to her assistance and she sobbed: “I can’t go on. I’m so depressed.” The pair explained that they knew an acupuncturist who would help, and they scooped her up and took her off to see Mark, who was to make her well again over several visits. I, in turn became a patient and find him to be amazing  at helping with all manner of ailments.”
Janise Beaumont


“For much of my adult life I have been plagued with headaches. They became progressively more frequent and intense as I got older. By the time I was in my mid 40s I had a serious headache five or six days out of seven.

Over a three year period a neurologist had me try various prophylactics which made little if any difference – the headaches persisted. When I had given up hope a colleague made an appointment for me to see Mark, as she was confident he could help me. After one or two acupuncture treatments I realised that I felt like a totally different person. It was as if the fog in which I had lived for many years had suddenly lifted! I was more energetic and had a desire to more fully engage with life.

That was over ten years ago. Mark has continued to treat me and I am pleased to say that headaches no longer define me or dominate my life; they have become much less severe, less frequent and of shorter duration.

Not only are the headaches under control. Mark has successfully treated me for a number of other chronic health problems, helped me overcome viruses before they took hold and helped my body fight off infections, negating the need for antibiotics.

Mark is a truly gifted healer!”


Hello Mark
My heartfelt testimonial.

Mark Phillips is a remarkable man whose warmth and kindness is only exceeded by his extraordinary intuitive healing skill.
Mark has gently supported me and improved my well being as I deal with the inevitable challenges of ageing.
I feel blessed to know him.



“Acupuncture with Mark has helped me to overcome hormonal imbalances, digestion problems and low energy levels. Regular treatments have left me feeling much more balanced, healthy and full of energy. Mark’s caring, attentive nature and beautiful clinic also make each treatment an absolute pleasure.”

Zoe (Writer)

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